Friday, May 20, 2011

Frederick County Watershed

Hike date:  April 3, 2011

Rock Structure in the forest
If you are looking for a little variety in terrain look no further because the Frederick county watershed has it for you!  This place, aka the Frederick County Municipal Forest, offers everything from trout fishing, mountain biking, hunting, and hiking.  This location is extremely popular to all types of cyclists so if you are headed out on a weekend expect to be sharing trails with bikers.  On some occasions I have run into groups of 30 or more people out biking here.

Ducks visiting the Forest

During the spring a lot of the trails are pretty wet and sometimes after a rain the trails will turn into areas that look like flowing creeks!  Most of the trails are unmarked but are heavily traveled so getting lost is kinda difficult.  Use caution when walking  because some of the trails get kinda rocky and in some cases can be very slippery after a rain.  We really enjoy the rock structures and beauty of this forest and will be visiting again soon!

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  1. I KNOW WHO YOU REALLY ARE FRANCIS. Anyway I thought you would like to know I was Serching hiking in the area and your site came up.