Sunday, February 12, 2012

Movie Review: 127 Hours

Since it is somewhere in the 20 degree Fahrenheit range today and quite windy, we are decidedly not going on a hike.  Fear not, we will soon be full speed ahead as soon as it warms up.

I thought since we weren't going out, why not write a movie review.  Many of you I assume are also cooped up indoors also.  I know 127 Hours came out over a year ago in theaters, I just heard about it from flipping through HBO's on demand list.

127 hours is bsed on the true story of Aron Ralston, portrayed by James Franco, who intends to spend the day canyoneering through Canyonlands National Park.  He drives in the night before and sleeps in his car and then bikes part way to shave off time.  While hiking to Blue John Canyon he meets two girls and convinces them he is a guide and knows a much more scenic route to their destination.  After he parts with them, he continues hopping through canyons toward his destination.  Climbing down a canyon, he slips on a boulder and falls, in turn, loosening the boulder, which then plummets down towards him, trapping his arm between it and the boulder.  The rest of the movie spans 127 hours with him alone in the canyon desperately trying to extricate his arm while flashing back to memorable moments in his life.  In the end, he realizes that with no hope of rescue, he must amputate his own arm.

I saw the preview and thought that I really needed to see this movie.  I wasn't sure if it was going to be any good or not, but I was intrigued.  For a movie that focuses on one main character, I was blown away.  Though you see Ralston trapped in the canyon for most of the time, there is such an intensity to it that you don't miss other characters.  His story is fortified with flashbacks he has of memories he shared with  important people and hallucinations.

Emotionally charged and inspiring, I think this movie is a must see.  

In it there is also very important lesson that any outdoorsy person needs to remember and that is:  Always tell someone where you are going.