Monday, October 3, 2011

Sugarloaf Mountain: Local Leafers Paradise

West View Sugarloaf Mountain

So it's that time again!  Fall is coming and the leaves are changing colors and all of a sudden it seems that everyone is out hiking again.  Sugarloaf Mountain attracts many people from the Washington D.C. area with nice views of the countryside.  

There are several miles of trail to hike and all of the trails are very well maintained and well marked.  If you can maintain a fast pace most of the trails can be completed in a day.  Maps are also usually provided at most trail heads and the trails are rated from easy to difficult.  The most difficult trails (red and orange) provide direct access to the east view of the valley.   

Due to the high volume of people that visit the area our best recommendation is to try to get out during the week because parking can sometimes be difficult on holidays and weekends.  Due to the high volume of people on the trail don't expect to see a lot of wildlife other than some birds and the occasional deer.  

Rock climbing is also permitted in the park at designated areas and are marked climb at your own risk.  Be sure to get out sometime in mid to late October or early November when the leaves are at their peak color change!

East View: Summer time

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  1. Oh yes, fall is a great time to hike again. What with all the colors being so refreshing for tire eyes. Back here we'll start with the West Fork Trail that's shaded and has a forest-like quality.

  2. I know the leaves are perfect colors right now. Makes hiking so amazing. My buddy and I like to hike more secluded routes...I love to see wildlife