Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ann's Savage Hike

Hike Date:  August 6, 2011

After a short day at work on Saturday, my friend Angela and I drove a short way to Savage Park in Savage-Guilford, Maryland to stretch our legs.  The Wincopin Trail-head is off Vollmerhausen Road half a mile from Savage-Guilford Road.  In total, this area of the park offers over three miles of trails.  

From the trail-head, take the paved path to the dirt path.  Stay on the right path, as the left one goes to private property.  This will lead you to the Red Trail which will take you down to the banks of the Middle Patuxent River.  It will loop back around on itself and you will then back track to the Blue Trail which sits higher than the river giving you a beautiful view from above.  The Blue Trail will connect to the Green Trail in two different places.  Take the first connection to enjoy more time by the water and make your hike longer or the second connection to shorten your hike and get back to the Red Trail to get back to the parking lot.

There are many opportunities to see wildlife here.  Some species you may see include the Red-tailed and Red-shouldered hawk, ospreys, salamanders, toads, frogs and maybe even a snake or two.

Sorry that there aren't any photos for this hike, I was too busy chatting and enjoying the scenery that I forgot to whip out my camera!

Stay tuned for upcoming blogs including a new Trail Bites recipe!

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